Calling all prayer warriors and rain dance experts!

This drought is taking a nasty toll on our local farmers and the forecast isn’t calling for a drop of rain in the next week. Let’s see if we can turn things around through the power of prayer and dance!



Without an adequate rainfall we cannot grow healthy grass for our cows or pigs.  Please remember all of us farmers in your prayers today and if can, get outside and give us your best rain dance.  We appreciate it!

Back in the Pork!

Customers, we are stocked up once again!  We’ve even had the processor break out some new cuts for us including boneless and bone-in rib roasts.  Plus, we have a great assortment of ribs and pork chops.  Don’t worry, we have smoked bacon and ham steaks too!  Contact me through the website, Facebook, or my cell phone if you’d like to come grocery shopping in our freezers.  We are back at the Rockmart Farmer’s Market each Thursday from 2-6pm and would love to see you!