My name is Bennett Jacobs and I, along with my wife, Rebecca, and our two children, Aubrey and Nolan, operate The Falls Farm in Rockmart, GA. The Falls Farm is the culmination of several generations of farmers here in North Georgia. We specialize in commercial beef cattle and pastured pork. Our goal is to produce the best, most sustainable product we can for either the next phase of production or direct sale to the consumer.

My great-grandfather R.O. Jackson Sr. came to Polk County, Georgia to farm in 1919. Having successfully operated a large dairy through the great depression, he retired from the milking parlor and purchased approximately 1,000 acres to raise beef cattle on the current site of The Falls Farm, in 1941. Nestled at the base of Vinson Mountain and nourished by the waters of Simpson Creek (on which the name-sake waterfall is located), the current farm operates on 350 acres. This acreage consists of a combination of pasture, planted pines, and native hardwoods covering a rolling landscape that encompasses a massive ancient fault line full of waterfalls and unique rock outcroppings.


Since R.O.’s time, the farm has seen several generations and operators, most of which have raised beef cattle on a part-time basis. My grandfather and grandmother, Talbott and Mary Ann Bennett, both put their mark on the place and helped insure a legacy that has allowed Rebecca and I to do what we do today. Much of my agricultural roots were sown with my father, Stephen Jacobs, who loved this property so deeply and passed that passion on to me. Rebecca also carries some agricultural genes having come from a family with Montana ranching history.

Even with all this background, Rebecca and I have faced a steep learning curve on our way to a profitable farming venture. Many things we are still learning. The only thing we know, beyond the shadow of any doubt, is that we love agriculture and have truly found our place in the world. Currently, I am employed as an agriculture teacher at Rockmart High School, which while taking up a lot of time from the farm is a truly rewarding experience; getting to share my passion with young people. Rebecca does part-time payroll work for a local company, but spends the majority of her time raising our two small children and managing the farm.

We thank you for checking out our website and we hope that you get the opportunity to visit with us some time soon or enjoy one of our products!

Best Regards,

Bennett Jacobs


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