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Bennett & Rebecca Jacobs

190 Jackson Rd.

Rockmart, GA 30153



4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi there! I purchased a half a hog a few months back and was wondering if you have any grain fed cows? Also, when will more hogs be available? Thanks!


    • Kaylene,
      At this time we are not grain feeding any cows. In the winter, we suplimentally feed brewers grain (byproduct of beer production) to all our cows, but that’s really it. We’d be happy to set you up with some samples of the beef we have on hand now to try. As for pigs, we will have more ready for custom orders by early fall. We are quite stocked up on already processed pork so if you are out of something particular we can fix that right up. Thank you again for your business!!


  2. Looking for a whole pig, approx 100 lb. for mid September Pig Roast. Thawed, shaved, and split (butterfly). Can you help with this?


    • Hi Dan,
      Unfortunately, we do not have any pigs at this time. I would try contacting Morning Glory Farms in Rockmart or calling Sheriff’s Processing in Calhoun. My husband and I purchased a pig for roasting from Sheriff’s several years ago and had a good experience. Good luck!
      Any chance you or anyone you know are interested in grass-fed beef?


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