The Importance of Buying Local

At our recent Rockmart Farmer’s Market Farm-to-Table dinner I heard a statistic that I knew I had to share.  Our presenter announced to the crowd that for every $1 you spend in your community $0.47 stays in your community.  BUT for every $1 you spend at your local Farmer’s Market (or with your local farmer) $0.63 stays in your community.  While that may not seem much on the surface, I assure you it is.  I can tell you first hand that those dollars spent at our farm help pay for diapers, birthday parties, and fencing for our growing business which are all purchased or sourced locally as much as possible.  american farmland infograhic922d00f34a24658944b5e071118ccf6a

Drought Conditions

This summer is shaping up to be a tough one.  We depend on rain in order to grow grass nutritious enough to keep our cattle healthy.  This summer we have been experiencing severe drought.  We are lucky enough that we haven’t had to start feeding our cows hay yet but some of our good friends have.  This is hay they would normally be saving for the dead of winter and without rain we may not get another hay crop.  Please say a prayer for some rain to head our way over the next few weeks; all your local farmers will thank you!

GA Drought

I came across this image today and it’s a great representation of what’s happening in Georgia right now.  The dark orange color signifies severe drought. 

Halves and Wholes and Market Update

Beloved Customers,

We will begin to harvest our next round of pigs towards the middle to end of July and we would love to hear from you!  What are your favorite cuts?  Let us know so we can make sure we get you what you want.

If you are interested in a half/whole pig please get in contact with us ASAP! We don’t want to run out before you get a chance to sign up.  The price breakdown is listed on the Pastured Pork page but please contact us via email or a phone call if you have any questions.

Here’s a list of the cuts we plan on requesting from the processor:



Hot, Medium, & Mild Sausage

Boston Butts

Center Cut and Boneless Pork Chops

Babyback and Spare Ribs

Ham Steaks (Smoked)

Cubed Ham (great for cooking like Country Fried Steak)


We can’t wait to be stocked up again and selling at the Rockmart Farmer’s  Market!  See you soon!

**We’ve posted some of our favorite recipes so be sure to check them out!


Our pigs have a pretty great life.  Being raised on pasture allows them to root around, waller in the mud, and enjoy the shade during these hot June days.