Fresh Pork Ready!

Beloved Customers,

We will be picking up our most recent pig harvest from Waldrep’s Processing on Tuesday, December, 22 and would love to satisfy all your pork desires before the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.  We will have smoked bacon, sausage (mild, medium, and hot), smoked hog jowls, fresh hams (half hams approximately 7lbs and whole hams approximately 15lbs), cubed ham, sliced fresh ham, pork chops (including center cut), short ribs, boston butts, hocks, and pigs feet.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in any of these cuts so that we can fill your orders before the holidays.  We expect some of the cuts to go quickly, especially the bacon.

We will post a pricing sheet ASAP for you to look over.

You can contact us via email @ or  by phone @ 360-600-8715 or 678-689-3391 (we do accept text messages).

Thank you for your interest and orders!  Merry Christmas from The Falls Farm!!

Bennett and Rebecca Jacobs

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